Physiotherapy Treatments Provided

Physiotherapy services in Barnsley

Here at Lighten Up Physiotherapy Barnsley I can offer my patients a range of physiotherapy treatments, here you can see a full list of treatments I provide and click through for more information. To learn more about how the whole process works, see below.

Alternatively, for conditions I treat please see our conditions treated page.

If you know what you’re looking for don’t hesitate to book a physio session!

How it works

Following your initial assessment, I will discuss your likely diagnosis, your goals and expectations and treatment options.

Treatment may include manual techniques (such as joint mobilisation or soft tissue techniques), strengthening / stretching exercises or Pilates or Acupuncture.

After an injury or pain, the body is very effective in compensating by moving slightly differently to ensure you continue to function whilst trying avoid the pain. If these compensations continue over a length of time, then these ‘faulty’ movement patterns can become more of a problem than the initial injury / pain. They could be the cause of repeated injuries or performance plateaus in your sport.

As I am assessing you, I will not only be looking at your localised problem but also taking note of how you move as a whole, from your feet to your head and unpicking any compensatory movements and providing you with simple exercises to address these.

An important factor in your treatment will be your health and wellbeing in the long term. Providing you with exercises, advice and education to effectively manage your condition or prevent recurrences.

Learn to move more efficiently, take the load off your joints and improve your sporting performance.